A book, but better
Like a book, it slips discreetly into your pocket so you can read anywhere.Like a book, it is not afraid of shocks. Like a book, it does not tire you even the eyesafter hours of intense reading. Except that we wanted it to be a little more than a book.Whether you can buy your next read in one click wherever you are. Whether youread at night, without turning on the light. Whether you can carry thousands of books everywhere the world. Because you need more than a book.
As one begins reading by opening a novel, the Nolim reading lamp lights up and goes out by lifting the integrated cover into an all-in-one. A strong element of the chosen design to make the Nolim reading light a real everyday object that is robust and easily transportable.
It also makes it possible to find the feeling of softness associated with the contact of the paper.

Designed in France when i was in Studio 5.5   -  Engineered by BOOKEEN

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