Intelligent Charging Stations Compatible with all the electric vehicles on the market,
tapered and therefore recognizable at first glance at its luminous sides, this station stamped G2M and 5.5 Designstudio evokes the welcome, the opening, and reassures in a context where the fear of the dry failure remains.
Modular, the product comes in two versions : fixed to a wall or on foot. The socket base is positioned to simplify the connection, and the device blows its energy by emitting slow bluish pulses. Its non-contact badge reader (RFID or NFC), located at eye level, allows it to recognize its users and adapt to their needs.
Designed for multi-family dwellings, car parks and public roads, the terminal is also capable of splitting up to satisfy all requirements and linked to a secure web portal that facilitates its operation in real time. Its future promises to be radiant as its designers rely on the commercialization of 5,000 units.

Designed in France when i was in Studio 5.5

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